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My other publications

If you like this blog, you may be curious about my other publications.

The Internet Standards I Co-Authored (With People Much Cleverer Than Me)

The Patents I Filed When Working for Orange

Behind the legal linguo that is typical with patents, these patents develop clever ideas to improve the performance of the Internet, because it is just so frustrating to wait for a video to load!
  • The obtaining, by a terminal, of information relating to access to a service - WO 2013001230 A1
  • Technique of distribution of a content in a communication network - EP 2575307 A1
  • Technique for processing a content distribution request - EP 2706753 A1

The books I wrote

I wrote the two books below. The first one is a method to learn Vietnamese language basics much faster. The idea behind it was to analyze the spoken language and extract the 200 most frequently used words. Then build a structure to teach you these 200 words with clever tricks to ease their memorization.

The other book is simply my PhD thesis.

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