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The best free Tools to create Great Infographics

In this post, I am listing the best free resources for designing infographics for your website. I also explain how to use visual content efficiently on social media to boost your traffic. And as you will see in just a second, it reserves a few surprises!
To know how to multiply by 40 the number of engagements generated by your infographic, jump directly to this section!

Infographics Are Great To Increase Views

Your audience loves graphical content: it is a great content form and brings more views, for 3 reasons:
  1. People like to share visual content, and especially, nice looking infographics. 
  2. All these shares bring referral traffic from social media to your site. 
  3. Finally, these shares improve your search engine ranking.
Considering that infographics are way cheaper and simpler to create than video, you should learn how to create beautify infographics. This post will help you!

The Best Free Tools to Create Infographics

You can find below an infographic on SEO that I created with Piktochart (I am not affiliated in any way with them). It took me less than 1 hour to create this document, whereas it was the first time I was using their solution. I think the result speaks for itself: it looks quite neat and professional, doesn't it?
My very first infographic with Piktochart! It provides recommendations to double a website audience through SEO. Read the associated post if you are interested!

5-Tips To Increase Audience Engagement with Infographics

How much traffic does an infographic bring on social media?

I shared the above infographic on two channels: this blog and Twitter. I wanted to see how much traffic the infographic would bring to this blog. The results of this experiment brought a few surprises!

As you can see in the figure below from, the infographic triggered limited engagement:
  • 1751 people in my target audience (digital marketers) were exposed to the infographic on Twitter.
  • 25 people engaged actively with it through retweets, likes, or clicks on the links.
Stats from Twitter analytics about the above infographic
Although 1751 impressions may seem a large number, it is the number of conversions that matter. Most people simply receive too many tweets to look at them all. Can you guess why this tweet got only 25 engagements? In fact, this tweet was poorly written. I'll show you below how to get 3 times more clicks, just by rewriting the Tweet.

How to Multiply by 40 the Number of Engagements?

A few tips will help you get much more clicks
  1. Add "Please retweet." in the text. It increases by 20 times the number of retweets (source: Salesforce).
  2. Post again the same post in a few weeks. Experience shows that it will lead to a similar number of clicks and engagements. You are doubling the engagement, at no cost.
  3. Add "Download" or "View" call-to-action on the link to the infographics. 
  4. Choose high audience hashtags: in my tweet, used #inbound, which is not followed by many people. Replacing it by #SEO will lead to a significant increase in the number of impressions.
  5. Share on several social media, and especially, LinkedIn. As my infographic is relevant to my professional network, sharing it on LinkedIn will bring a significant number of views. 

Where to Find Free Photos for Commercial Use

There is a trap when building graphical content: you must respect strictly the content licenses associated with pictures. Be careful: even pictures that are labeled for reuse with modification can impose specific constraints: in particular, many licenses require attribution to the photograph.

To find nice pictures for free, I use Google picture search with adjusted advanced settings that select only images that I can reuse and modify (see picture below).

Google Picture search enables you to look for photos that are labeled for reuse with modifications.

Best Free Tool to Edit Pictures Quickly

Long story short, I use Pixlr Express:
Pixlr express
  1. if you need to get the job done, you can use Pixlr express. I love it to quickly edit pictures. I find it is powerful and the express version is free - no form to fill.
  2. if you like complex photo editing software, use the great and open source Gimp. With Gimp, possibilities are limitless - provided that you have time and skills.
Gimp opensource photo editing software is complex to use, but extremely powerful and free. Use it if you have time and skills.

Other interesting graphical resources

To prepare graphical content, you should also have a look to:
  • to create memes
  • royalty free stock photos
  • to create a simple logo for free

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