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The growth hacking shortcut to getting Twitter followers!

Many people wonder how to get more twitter followers. As it turns out there is a secret recipe to reach 1000 or more followers on Twitter.

Here is the secret that will bring you free Twitter followers:
  1. Define the audience you want to target. In my case, it is the digital marketers and specifically the ones that work in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
  2. Create a lot of relevant content for this audience - to do this without spending your life on twitter, you need an automation solution. I use Buffer, IFTTT, I am telling you more about these tools below.
  3. Follow a lot of people, as they will be tempted to follow you. And do not do it manually: there are solutions like hackisitor that will do it for you.
Look at the crazy growth rates you can reach by following the tips in this post! All this, without manual actions!
Follow the recipe from this post, within 5 days, you will go from the lame stats below:
You do not have to keep bad twitter stats.
To the amazing ratios below, with many more followers:

Social media marketing tools to automate Twitter and generate relevant tweets

To create a lot of relevant content for this audience without spending your life on twitter, you need an automation solution. There are great free tools for social networking and social media management. I use the following ones:
  1. Buffer: install the buffer extension in chrome. Then whenever you see relevant content such as infographics or articles, you can put them to your twitter posting queue in buffer with a single click. And buffer is able to schedule the posting of this tweet at the time that is most likely to get the attention of your target audience. 
  2. IFTTT (if this then that): It is a great tool to automate some tweets. Have a look to the twitter recipes: I use one to thank my new followers for example, and another one to tweet the top posts from Reddit on digital marketing.
  3. it is a great tool to transform an RSS feed into tweets. Look for the RSS feeds in that pertain to your audience, and you can easily convert them into tweets.
  4. another great tool to generate tweets based on your topics of interest. I suggest you do a keyword research with Moz or a similar tool as a first step to identify the right high volume keywords.
Buffer enables you to schedule posts on all your social media accounts.

My IFTTT applets: they enable me to post on my twitter account without any manual operation. Of course, a full automation of the posts is not the best way to engage with your audience, but these rules keep a level of activity even when you have no time for posting.

Growth hacking: increasing dramatically your Twitter follower base

The last step to increase your follower base is to follow a lot of people, see if they follow you back, then stopping following them. It sounds artificial, and in fact, it is artificial. But it works pretty damned well to increase rapidly your number of followers.

If you want to save time and are tempted by growth hacking techniques, have a look to hackisitor.

Getting Twitter followers, ok, but which ones?

Take a moment to think why you want more Twitter followers. In my case, it's to demonstrate my digital marketing skills and increase my professional influence network. 

Your audience is directly linked to your goal. Let's take my example: I do not really care about being followed by random individuals. What matters to me is to be followed by digital marketers and specifically the ones that work in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

A lot of bots will try to follow you. You can use TrueTwit to filter them out.
TrueTwit is a great way to filter out bot spam by validating followers.

Here is the best tool to refine your social engagement strategy on Twitter

At some point, you will want to understand better who is engaging with your social posts on Twitter. That's the moment where analytics will help you greatly. You do not have to be technical to use analytics insights. You should start with Twitter's own analytics tool.

If you use marketing automation tools such as, you will also have access to interesting high-level analytics data. For instance, see below a capture from the weekly summary from

You can then have a look to more sophisticated analytics tools such as FollowerWonk, to analyze your posts in more details. You can find some examples below where I analyzed the geographic impact of my posts or my follower repartition or the best time to post.

I hope you have fun following these tips. Share this post if you like it. Thanks!


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