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This is how to build a personal brand

In an era where 100th of skilled candidates apply to any job, having a well positioned personal brand is more important than ever. You have to think of yourself as a product and find your customers (i.e., investors for your company, customers for your company, or employers for yourself).

But, how to build an efficient personal branding? It's not as easy as you may think; so, I'll share a method in this post...

Set your personal branding goal (Why? What for?)

You must start with a clear goal in mind. What is your purpose in building a personal brand?

This goal must be accurate:
  • What do you want to get?
  • When?
  • Where?

Understand the market for your personal brand (Who?)

From which industries and companies, can you get what you want? You have to build a segmentation of these industries as they may want different things from you.
  • What are the industries you are interested in?
  • Which companies specifically?
  • What are they looking for? If your targets are publicly traded companies, you should definitely read their latest annual report / sec-10 fillings.
  • What skills can you provide that they are looking for?
The inbound marketing methodology (credit: Hubspot) - Understand your audience segmentation to build a solid "sales" funnel for your personal brand.

Build the messages to be conveyed by your personal brand (What?)

Now you must find out which facts show that you have what your targets want. And you have to find anecdotes to tell these stories in a way that is not gonna make everyone fall asleep, but that will rather create attention.
  • Which past successes demonstrate that you have the specific skills your targets are interested in?
  • What anecdote make these past successes interesting to hear about? Usually, people find interesting what they did not expect and what they want to tell about to other people: "did your hear about this guy? He is amazing: he did ....".

Define your communication channels (How?)

How will you communicate these great stories to your targets? There are plenty of ways:  informal meetings,  official meetings, a blog, Twitter, Facebook, press coverage... Twitter and a blog are the easiest to implement. Leverage LinkedIn to also get some meetings with the targets you want to approach.
  • Which channels are fastest to leverage for you?
  • How many people can you reach?
  • Are these the right people?
  • What's the single thing you want them to remember about you?
  • How to ensure that different target segments will remember different (relevant) messages about you? 
  • Do not forget: your personal brand is not just about what you say about yourself. It's also about what others have to say about you! So, Google your name to check the consistency of the results with your branding messages. Also ask relevant friends, colleagues, customers to write reference content about you based on their experience with your (don't lie or fake it, stick to the truth and only the truth), to reinforce your brand.

Execute your personal branding strategy and implement an attractive personal brand

At this stage, you have a good personal branding strategy. Execution is what matters now.
  • What material can you use to bootstrap your communication strategy? Do NOT start from scratch. You probably have plenty of past projects or materials that you can reuse. Just shape them in a way that supports your personal brand. 
  • What third party material can you leverage in your personal branding strategy: something as easy as re-tweeting interesting things on Twitter will already make you visible and interesting to some of your targets. You can also summarize articles written by others (with reference of course!) on your own blog.
  • Use services such as Fiverr to ensure your material is proofread before going out. You do not want to have any typo or grammar mistakes in material associated with your personal brand!

Have fun and feel free to reach out to me if you want more tips!


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