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How to customize the font of a Tableau dashboard? Solved !

CatalĂ : Font Verdana
Font Verdana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I love Tableau, it's a great piece of software. But the dashboards you publish on a server do not embed the fonts. So, if you use a custom font to design your dashboard and the end-users who look at it on the server do not have your font... They will see a ugly design with serifs crawling all over the place. A nightmare. The real one, that wakes you up sweating in the night.

 I had this issue recently: I design a dashboard using "Open Sans" font everywhere. That's a non standard font ! To solve the issue, I had to replace "Open Sans" everywhere by "Verdana" which is a standard font supported both on Mac and Windows.

To do this font change you have exactly two methods:
  1. the bad one: click everywhere, and update formats.
  2. the good one: open the tableau file, which is basically and XML file, with a text editor and replace the name of your font, in my case 'Open Sans' by the name of the new font, in my case 'verdana'.
I hope this tip will save you a lot of hassle! If you like it, share it, it will rank better in Google and help others.


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