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How to install and use rarcrack without errors on Debian (tutorial)?

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rarcrack is an opensource tool for recovering passwords on archives. It uses brute force only (no dictionary) and is implemented in C which makes it quite fast.

How to install Rarcrack

When installing rarcrack the "make" command first lead to many cryptic errors. I solved them by installing a few dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libxml2  libxml2-dev xml-core pbzip2 unzip p7zip-full

How to make  Rarcrack quicker

Use unrar-free instead of unrar. It will greatly increase rarcrack's speed.

sudo apt-get remove unrar
sudo apt-get install unrar-free 

Do a test on an archive that you will have prepared with a simple (short) password, to see if it works.

The solutions to rarcrack's segmentation faults

Rarcrack often closes with a segmentation fault if you do not explicitely give it the full parameters for the filetype and number of threads. In short, use:

rarcrack my_holiday_pictures.rar --threads 12 --type rar

and not just:

rarcrack my_holiday_pictures.rar

In addition, rarcrack does not like filenames with non alphanumeric characters. So, you might have to rename your archive to a simpler name.

Have I forgotten anything relevant in this post? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks man. unrar-free improves alot the process