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Best tips and tricks to get PMP certification

PMP tips for certification exam

The tips and tricks below largely improve your likelihood to get the PMP certification. In this article, I give you the 10 secret tips and tricks to get the PMP certification with less efforts.
  1. Read quickly the question before reading contextual information. This way your reading will be oriented and you will save (precious) time during the exam (sometimes they put long and irrelevant contextual information to assess your ability to filter information).
  2. Read all the answers even if the first one seems to be a good match. They often put a better option last and if you do not read all answers, you will miss it.
  3. Take the PMP exam in the morning session. Research has proven that brain is more efficient in the morning. 
  4. Flag the hard questions but do not lose time on them and jump immediately to easier questions. At the end of the exam, come back to hard questions. This way you will quickly accumulate maximum easy points, before trying your chance on the hardest questions.
  5. Preserve some time at the end of the exam to answer all unanswered questions, even if you answer randomly: 
    • no answer = wrong answer. 
    • random answer = 0.25 points (there are 4 possible answers to any question and exactly one answer is good)
  6. Manage your time carefully. Count 1 minute per question in average to have some buffer at the end. 
  7. Take the interface tutorial (15'). Use these 15' to create a braindump, which means writing your cheatsheet on a piece of paper for quick reference during the exam.
  8. Bring you own earplugs. The ones they provide are crappy, yours will be much more comfortable and you will be able to concentrate better.
  9. Before the exam: Do at least 1000 practice questions during your preparation for the exam. Pass the exam only when you consistently reach 80% of good answers on practice questions.
  10. Before the exam: Subscribe to PMI before registering to the PMP certification exam: that way you will pay less for the PMP exam (special discount for PMI members). To avoid delaying your exam, subscribe before you are ready for the exam, as the application review takes time.
Good luck and feel free to add your own tips in the comments below. Thanks!


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