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Top computer news RSS feeds for hackers and geeks

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I find RSS and Atom feeds to be wonderful old-school tools for acquiring new skills and staying informed about latest trends, quite often they complement Twitter and Google Alerts in a useful way.  
With feeds, information comes to you, you do not have to look for it! That leads to considerable time savings. Over the years, I have gathered a list of RSS feeds that I really like. I thought I would share it to help other hackers / geeks and avoid them the hassle of looking for the right information sources.

Hackerz news

Hackerz news is a great resource if you want to learn about the latest trends in the web, the hot start-ups, and business / technology related topics for geeks and hackers. I really love this feed and I learn a lot by reading it. To subscribe to their feed:


TED is a set of conferences with outstanding speakers, whose purpose is to spread ideas that are worth it. It's an excellent way to extend your soft skills and to learn about the key paradigm changes that will affect the 21st society. Useless to say, I love these conferences and I think you will too! To be updated whenever they release a new video, you can subscribe to the their fees:

Geekly yours

You are reading my blog and I think it is a great decision, because I do my best to share knowledge in a tutorial oriented way for beginners. In addition, geekly yours addresses a variety of topics. Whether you want to learn about project management, coding, algorithmic, social skills, you will find interesting (I hope!) tutorials on geekly yours! To subscribe to the feeds, have a look to the box on the top right of the page. Otherwise, just click on this link for the atom feed:



I find lifehacker less and less interesting because they post too many articles. But it's still a good blog to read productivity tips and learn about general topics in a geek oriented way. Their RSS feeds are there:

Do you agree with this list? Feel free to comment it! And if it helps you, please put a link to it on facebook, google plus or your blog: it will help other people finding it in search engines. Thanks!

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