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Top books for project managers (PM)

Project managers  / technical product managements (PM) and program managers require a diverse set of skills to master  processes, frameworks, methodologies, templates, project steps, and project management tools. That's the beauty of program management jobs! 

As skills do not come only from experience, good PMs read a lot of books. I want to share the list of the books from which I have learn the most useful things for improving my project and team management abilities. I strongly advise them to you. 

You might be surprised by this list of books if you are a beginner project manager, because at fist glance they seem to not tackle the project management discipline directly. You would be wrong to think so: they will all help you acquire the most essential skills for becoming an excellent project manager.

Management books

The personal MBA is an amazing book: it summarizes the reference books studied in the top MBA programs, in a single book. Instead of investing one year of your life and thousands of USD in an MBA, you can read the personal MBA twice and you will probably learn just as much. Personally, I learned more about value capture, the efficiency of respect and politeness in human interactions, and a lot of other things that I now use in my day to day work.

Be more efficient

The 4 hours work week is an amazing book by Tim Ferris taught me how to test a business idea and also helped me to get rid of the false belief that working hard is required to obtain good business results. Working smarter is the key, not working more. You can push very hard all day long on the statue of liberty, it will not make it move... So work smart to obtain results. When you work too hard, think of a better method.

Develop empathy

Dale Carnegie's book is almost a century's old. And yet, it is probably the best personal development book I have ever read. It simply teaches you how to win friends. And believe me, if people do not like you, they will not want to work for you or to help your project succeed. Worse, if they dislike you, they may harm your project. So this book is definitely a must read. Finally, it's very cheap as it has already been sold in thousands of exemplars.

Project management

I advise you to read the PMBOKv5, it's the best way to learn all aspects of project management and a good preparation to the PMP certification.

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