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Key things for being a good (best) manager

Success (Photo credit: aloshbennett)
Dealing with humans and motivating them to provide good results, is something difficult. Specifically, the lack of data on what properties make a good manager is a problem. That's why Google (them, again!), launched a project named Oxygen to analyze manager performance based on facts, not opinions. I have found really interesting the list of the properties they have derived from this study:
  1. Be a good coach. 
  2. Empower; don't micromanage
  3. Be interested in direct reports, success and well-being.
  4. Don't be a sissy: Be productive and results-oriented. 
  5. Be a good communicator and listen to your team.
  6. Help your employees with career development
  7. Have a clear vision and strategy for the team. 
  8. Have key technical skills so you can advise the team.
I think these principles are great, although they seem obvious at first glance. From my experience, applying them is not so easy, and requires goodwill and open mindedness. 
  1. be available, humble, empathetic: "love your soldiers". Concretely, this means taking the blame when shit happens.
  2. be proactive, especially in terms of communications.
  3. stay result-oriented and have a strategy.
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