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Sorting algorithms - merge sort source code in python

Merge sort algorithm diagram.svg
Merge sort algorithm diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to code the merge sort algorithm in Python 

You can find below my implementation in python of the famous merge sort algorithm. Merge sort is one of the best sort algorithms (complexity in O(n log n)):

import math

def merge_sort(my_list, order="increasing"):
    Sorts a list in the specified order, using merge sort algorithm
    sorted_list =[0]*len(my_list)
    # exceptions
    if  order not in ["increasing"]:
        raise ValueError("order should be specified")
    if len(my_list)<=1:
        return my_list
    # ending condition
    if len(my_list)==2:
        if my_list[0] <= my_list[1]:
            sorted_list= my_list
        return sorted_list
    # "normal" case
        limit = math.floor(len(my_list)/2)
        # sort left and right parts
        left = merge_sort(my_list[0:limit]) 
        right = merge_sort(my_list[limit+1:])        
        id_left, id_right=0 ,0
        while id_left<=len(left)-1 and id_right<=len(right)-1 :
            # merge left and right
            # example : [2,8] [6,9,11]
            # first compare 2 and 6. take 2 => [8] [6,9,11]
            # compare 8 and 6, take 6 => |8] [9,11]
            # compare 8 and 9, take 8=> [] [9,11]          
            if left[id_left] < right[id_right]:
                sorted_list[id_left+id_right] = left[id_left]
                id_left +=1
                sorted_list[id_left+id_right] = right[id_right]
                id_right +=1
        # at this stage either left or right is empty, and the other list is sorted
        # so just append the non empty list to the sorted result
        # take the remainder [9,11] of right => [][]          
        sorted_list[id_left+id_right:] = left[id_left:] + right[id_right:]
        return sorted_list 

Sorting algorithms for interviews

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