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How many autonomous systems does Google control? And how many IP addresses?

Google (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The list of autonomous systems controlled by Google is public and we can find it out using potaroo for instance.

Taking into account the most famous Google brands we obtain:
Google (March 2014): 
AS15169 GOOGLE - Google Inc.
AS16591 GOOGLE-FIBER - Google Fiber Inc.
Schema of AS interconnection
Schema of AS interconnection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
AS19448 GOOGLE-FIBER - Google Fiber Inc.
AS22577 ADMOB-US - Google Inc.
AS22859 GOOGLE - Google Inc.
AS24424 CNNIC-GOOGLECN-AP Beijing Gu Xiang Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
AS36039 GOOGLE - Google Inc.
AS36384 GOOGLE-IT - Google Incorporated
AS36385 GOOGLE-IT - Google Incorporated
AS36492 GOOGLEWIFI - Google, Inc.
AS36987 google-as
AS41264 GOOGLE-CORPNET Google Switzerland GmbH
AS45566 GOOGLE-CORP-APAC-AS-AP AS number for Google Corporate Network in APAC
Youtube (March 2014) 
AS36561 YOUTUBE - YouTube, LLC
It's possible to extend this list quite a bit by looking in the ASN list for the names of the companies that Google has acquired in the past. These companies are listed on a wikipedia page.

How many IP addresses does Google control ?

It's easy to find out all adresses controled by Google once we have identified the autonomous systems: BGP looking glasses provide the routes advertised by Google AS and thus Google's prefixes. For instance, you can obtain the list of the prefixes of AS 15169 through this link (aggregated prefixes) or this one (prefixes overlap makes it less readable).


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